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[emft-dev] RC2 +2/+3 build schedule

+1 builds are done: EMF, GEF, JET, UML2.

+2 builds scheduled for today are: Validation (4:02pm), Transaction (4:32pm), GMF (5:12pm). There will be no OCL or Query builds today as nothing has changed.

   GMF: Please remember to tag & release your bits. If you need to run
   later, let me know and I can set the cron for later. Or, just ignore
   that build and run another one later when you're ready. Please copy
   the appropriate mailing lists  -- gmf, mdt (UML2 Tools), emft
   (Search, Ecore Tools) --  as well if this schedule doesn't work for you.

+3 builds, please remember to update the Ganymede wiki [1] with your status when you spin tomorrow.


Nick Boldt :: Release Engineer, IBM Toronto Lab
Eclipse Modeling ::

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