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[emft-dev] It's Ganymede RC1 +2 day!

EMF is delayed because Ed had some late commits to to slide in. It's running now.

JET and UML2 are scheduled for 12:15pm. They'll be done about 20-30 mins later and will be available whenever I get the thumbs up from Paul and James.

OQTV is scheduled for 4pm-6pm. If you want them scheduled sooner, I can change the cron for as early as 2pm (or earlier, if UML2 is smoked sooner).

GEF may not need an RC1 build today.


Christian W. Damus wrote:
Hi, Nick,

Any word on the builds?  I don't see new OCL and EMF-QTV builds ...



On Mon, 2008-05-19 at 18:32 -0400, Nick Boldt wrote:
Just a reminder, I'll be running EMF, GEF, UML2 and JET's RC1 builds tonight between 6pm and 8pm.

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