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[emft-dev] Reminder: Abouts to EMO Legal / Slide Decks to Ed :: Action Required

Ed's asked me to nag the EMFT Ganymede component leads, or "Ganymefters" about the following two legal / process requirements with deadlines fast approaching:

a) Abouts for Legal Review -- due to Janet.Campbell@xxxxxxxxxxx / emo@xxxxxxxxxxx by *EOD* *Thursday May 15.*

b) Slides for Release Review -- due to merks@xxxxxxxxxx by *EOD Monday May 19.*

See also this new wiki chunk [1] for tips for creating your slides and abouts.


If you want a template for the slides, you can grab any EclipseCON .ppt you might have (yours or others) and use that, or just use a blank template: all the EMFT content must be digested into a single slide deck anyway, so formatting is not important.



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