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Re: [emft-dev] RE: [modeling-pmc] Gaymede

The list of "Must Do" ( may help ;-)

Eike Stepper a écrit :

Net4j and CDO should be part of Ganymede and whenever I promoted a milestone build I checked the box "Contribute to Ganymede Update Site". Is that not enough, am I expected to do more?


Bernd Kolb schrieb:

We, the M2T project, had a discussion on that topic in our last telco. There we decided that for this release we will not promote our builds to Ganymede as the refactorings we are doing at the moment will not be finished by end
of Ganymede and thus major breaking changes are expected. However, most
likely we will provide an (early) preview of the upcoming next version
around Ganymede. I thus removed us from the Ganymede wiki planning site.


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I've been taking a look at each of the components contributing to Ganymede
so that I can complete the Amalgam/EPP package and I noticed that some
components listed on the Ganymede wiki are not present on the Ganymede
update site.

Specifically, M2T Xpand, EMFT MWE, and EMFT CDO/Net4j do not have site
contribution files in the org.eclipse.ganymede.sitecontributions project.

Are these components still planning to release with Ganymede, or should we remove them from the wiki? Technically, it's to late to join now, as M4 was the deadline for wiki listing and *.sc files to be in place. But, CDO/Net4j seems to have been providing milestone builds (though not to Ganymede, as
far as I can tell), while Xpand/MWE has yet to post a milestone.


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