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Re: [emft-dev] Reminder: It's Ganymede M4 release week!

Hi Nick,

I'm a bit confused after all my recent vacations ;-)
I've already promoted 0.8.0M4 builds for both Net4j and CDO on Dec. 17th.
Now I've added them to the three wiki pages [1], [2], [3].
Since Net4j does only depend on the Platform I've sent it to the +1 band, ok?

I've not so far published them to the Ganymede update site because I was unsure about the version that I should use.
I used 0.8.0 for the Eclipse 3.3/EMF 2.3 stuff and until now I had no breaking changes in my code although it appears to become desirable soon.
When I build/promote and promote my projects for Eclipse 3.4/EMF 2.4 (Ganymede) should I use 0.9.0?
But I can't change the manifest versions withou branching, right?
Currently it's a bit confusing because I publish 0.8.0 labels with 3.4/2.4 dependencies...


Nick Boldt schrieb:

If you're an EMFT component owner who plans to contribute to Ganymede, and you're not on the lists [1], [2], [3] in the wiki, please add yourself (in all three places), run your build, promote it, and sign off.

Luckily, EMFT as a project has been contributing, so late-to-the-party components are still allowed according to the Must Do rules [4].



If you are having any problems building or promoting, let me know via email or IM:



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