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[emft-dev] [Temporality] status update


I've committed the Temporality feature into CVS.

There's a test suite in org.eclipse.example.fleet.tests called
TemporalFeatureTest showing how to use the API.

There's I also an editor that shows the temporality feature in action.
To the basic generated EMF .edit and .editor plugins. I've added the

- Menu items to create a Car, Fleet and Garage and to add them to the resource.

- A menu to set the current date. The viewer displays the current date
at the top of the view. See the attached snapshots. These snapshots
show a resource with 1 fleet and 2 cars.

- A menu item to switch between advanced/normal mode.

Normal mode looks just like the standard editor except for the display
of the current date at the top of the viewer. When the current date is
changed the view displays the state of the objects at the given time.
For example at 14h the fleet has a car in its vehicles list. But at
16h it no longer has any.

In advanced mode the viewer displays the VersionHolder. The
VersionHolder has the list of all the past/future versions. Each
temporal object has one VersionHoder with one continuity and several

Please check out the feature and give me some feedback.

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