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Re: [emft-dev] Proposal for EMF4Net Component

+1.  Time to dust off that old C# book (that I've actually never read ;-)

Best regards,

Marcelo Paternostro
IBM Toronto Lab

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Extended EMF Community,

Reinhold Bihler recently announced his intent to work on an EMF4Net
component for supporting C# code generation as well as EMF core runtime for
C#.   His proposal in on Eclipse's wiki:

I request the community's approval to create this new component as part of
the EMFT subproject with Reinhold as component lead and Deyan Rizov and
Manfred Böttger as team members.  Please reply with +1or -1 on this thread.
Obviously I recommend you give a +1.  All EMF and EMFT committers are
eligible to vote, so please take a moment to do so.

Ed Merks/Toronto/IBM@IBMCA
mailto: merks@xxxxxxxxxx
905-413-3265  (t/l 313)

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