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[emft-dev] Re: EMF, EMFT, MDT, M2T : Projects, Components, and Committers (was Re: Portal)

Nick Boldt wrote:
Rather than needing yet another meta level for component name, I figured it would be simpler to just use the cvs module as the component name... hence the " org.eclipse.emf." and "org.eclipse." prefixes.
That's fine - I was just asking.
What I'd really like is if the unix groups, cvs modules, and components matched up the same in all cases:,component,groupname,path,committerid
Yes, wouldn't that be nice. But as you say...
Unfortunately, we're not quite there yet.
Although the standardized groups is really going to help.
...bundles... Clear as mud? ;-)
Well, uh, no, but I don't need to understand so I'll just skip over that part...
So, assuming that we define a component to be "a folder in CVS with source code which will be built and published on the website/update site", then here's the breakdown:...

Or, if you prefer to think of components as bundles of functionality, then: ...
(whimper) I don't care - I just want to know what you guys are considering as components. It's not a trick question and there's no penalty associated with the answer - just tell me which way to enter the data in the database and I'll do it.
And if I'm in deep sh!t for admitting to these "deviations from the Eclipse Way",
Ha ha ha, no. The only merde you're treading on is giving me an option for interpretation - I have no idea the way you guys want to set things up so an option just confuses me. I'm sorry - I need specifics. Is it "component = CVS source code folder" or "component = bundle of functionality" ?

- Bjorn

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