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[emft-dev] RE: [technology-pmc] Moving EMFT to Modeling


Thanks for the quick reply.  Where can I learn about the Move Review
Process so that I can initiate it and follow it?   I.e., is there a link
that describes this process?

Ed Merks/Toronto/IBM@IBMCA
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As I recall, a Move Review is required.

Mike Milinkovich
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> Subject: [technology-pmc] Moving EMFT to Modeling
> Hi,
> At the last model PMC meeting we discussed moving EMFT from Technology
> to
> Modeling as a permanently incubating subproject in which to explore new
> EMF-centric technologies.  Everyone agrees this is a good idea, so I
> wanted
> to be sure that everyone is informed and that the Technology PMC
> formally
> approves.  It will take time to move the repository and the newsgroup
> (and
> for the newsgroup in particular, I'm not happy with losing the history
> of
> questions and answers since there is a wealth of information about
> Teneo
> that is likely to be lost to the archives).  So unless I hear
> objections,
> we will no longer seek the Technology PMC's approval for adding
> components
> to EMFT but rather will work within the Modeling PMC to guide where
> goes.
> Ed Merks/Toronto/IBM@IBMCA
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