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[emfrefactor-dev] Committer Election for Nebras Nassar on EMF Refactor has started

A committer election for Nebras Nassar on project EMF Refactor
(modeling.emft.refactor) was started by Thorsten Arendt with this criteria:

Nebras Nassar developed EMF Refactor to support new query languages such as
EMFQuery and EOL for 5 years ago. Hi is working now on developing a new
version of EMF Refactor. Additionally, he has published research projects
based on the Eclipse Modeling Framework such as EMF Repair [1] for repairing
EMF models automatically or semi-interactively, and NasTool [1] for deriving
model metrics from meta-models. He has a high proficiency and knowledge about
serval Eclipse projects used in his projects such as EMF, Henshin, OCL and
JET (Java Emitter Templates).


EMF Refactor project committers can click the election link below to vote.



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