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Re: [emfrefactor-dev] Move method Refactoring


You can only move a method to another class if there is an association
between the old and the new class!

By the way: This is a mailing list for EMF Refactor, an upcoming
refactoring tool for MODEL refactorings in EMF. It is not a mailing list
for eclipse refactoring in general.


lehmia kiran schrieb:
> Hi,
> Let me explain the problem with an example.
> A class
> A
> {
> int a ;
> int b;
> public void printa1()
> {}
> }
> If i want to move this method to to another class B, i am unable to do
> this.
> But if i pass the class B object in function
> printa1(B b){}, only then i am able to do move method to class B.
> Can anyone explain, why is this happening in eclipse?
> Regards
> Lehmia kiran
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