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  • [emf-dev] Re: [m2m-dev] What is a Mini-Deck? :: Action Required (re: Ganymede Release Review Slides), (continued)
  • [emf-dev] Question???, Pablo Alejandro Zúñiga Muñoz
  • [emf-dev] ACTION REQUIRED: Moving up to releng.basebuilder, version M7_34, Nick Boldt
  • [emf-dev] Proposal for Texo Component, Ed Merks
  • [emf-dev] Fw: [] Time to trim inactive committers, Ed Merks
  • [emf-dev] Re: New ease of use enhancement for your build page: regular expression filtering, Nick Boldt
  • [emf-dev] Re: Interim Update Site not recognized by p2, Nick Boldt
  • [emf-dev] FYI: JavaOne Eclipse New & Noteworthy :: URGENT ACTION, Nick Boldt
  • [emf-dev] Translate this!, Nick Boldt
  • [emf-dev] Cannot set content of particle, Michael Mendonca
  • [emf-dev] Reminder: Europa Winter Maintenance is next week -- Final Orders, Please!, Nick Boldt
  • [emf-dev] Extending UML model properties, Jeremy Caine
  • [emf-dev] Using emf and uml2 standalone parsing for a Magicdraw exported model, Georgia Kapitsaki
  • [emf-dev] Project meta data is out of date for modeling.emf, portal on behalf of emo
  • [emf-dev] Project meta data is out of date for tools.emf, portal on behalf of emo
  • [emf-dev] Project meta data is out of date for technology.emf, portal on behalf of emo
  • [emf-dev] David Springgay/Ottawa/IBM is out of the office., David Springgay
  • [emf-dev] Convert Model to Metamodel, Michael Gebhart
  • [emf-dev] AUTO: Ruo Bo Huang/China/IBM is out of the office. (returning 2007-12-20), Ruo Bo Huang
  • [emf-dev] Using custom EList implementation, Sennikovsky, Mikhail
  • [emf-dev] Re: [modeling-pmc] PMC approval needed for committer vote for Lucas Bigeardel, Ed Merks
  • [emf-dev] Proposal for EMF4Net Component, Ed Merks
  • [emf-dev] Re: [emft-dev] Vote for Committer status for Lucas Bigeardel has started, Ed Merks
  • [emf-dev] How to Render XMI-Files with EMF/GMF in a standalone application, Siegfried Wolkenstein
  • [emf-dev] Proposal for Temporality Component, Ed Merks
  • [emf-dev] EMF and QVT plans, Marcelo Paternostro
  • [emf-dev] Proposal for Mint Component, Ed Merks
  • [emf-dev] EMF diagram editor, Yves YANG
  • [emf-dev] Help: Location Package, Jerome Jabson (jjabson)

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