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[emf-dev] EMF Services moving to GitHub

Hi all,

As part of the planned EF infra changes [1], EMF Services [2] is moving to GitHub.

The code has already been moved (sorry for not announcing it here). It is now at:


The builds are still at There is no plan to move them as long as the EF still provides this service.

Next however are the ~70 open bugzillas tickets [3]. As part of the move, and given the limited resources available to work on this project, I will close as WONTFIX all tickets which do not seem to have a realistic chance to be treated (which should be most of them). If you feel strongly about one of these and are prepared to contribute and/or sponsor the required work, please open an equivalent GitHub issue (with links both ways) instead of re-opening the bugzilla. You can mark the bugzilla as CLOSED/MOVED instead of CLOSED/WONTFIX in this case.

For the few tickets that I still hope to treat one day, I'll open the GitHub issue myself. I will mass-close the bugzilla tickets with an corresponding message in the next few days.

Pierre-Charles David (Obeo)


PS: GMF Runtime will follow the same steps when I find the time to work on it. The code itself is also already on GitHub at and

Pierre-Charles David (Obeo)

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