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Re: [emf-dev] Status of EMF Query

You can also add EASE to query model using as for example Python or Java Script.


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On 02/07/2018 13:04, Max Mustermann wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am interested in EMF Query and I wonder what is the status of this 
> project. Its project website says that it has been merged into EMF 
> Services. The EMF Services website says that it is deprecated without 
> any further information about its (recommended) replacement. My 
> questions are:
> Is EMF Query project still active/maintained?

No. Speaking for myself, I "inherited" the component when it was merged into EMF Services and I took over the maintenance of that. We (in Sirius and at Obeo in general) use the Transaction and Validation components, but have never used Query. Like Ed, I've never really understood its purpose, it looks more like an empty shell. I don't know of any actual user of it.

I had actually planned to completely remove it from EMF Services for Photon, and keep only the Validation and Transaction components alive, but failed to announce the change before M7, and at that point it seemed to late to impose such a change.

If you end up adopting EMF Query or are intersted in maintaining it, please tell me. Otherwise I will probably remove it at some future point.

> What is the (recommended) replacement of EMF Query?

Ed mentioned OCL, there are several other projects which offer solutions to querying EMF models. Off the top of my head (but there may be others):
* AQL ( small, minimal dependencies, designed to be easily embeded and extended. The syntax and semantic are heavily inspired by OCL, but it diverges from the standard in several parts where we felt it could improve its usability.
* VIATRA ( provides IncQuery (, a pattern-matching based DSL for graph queries as part of its framework.
* Epsilon ( also has its own language that they describe as "a mixture of Javascript and OCL".


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