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Re: [emf-dev] Status of EMF Query


I think EMF Query is not active and probably only maintained as far as build errors are concerned (see [1]).

If you are looking for an active alternative for declarative queries over EMF, I would suggest you check out Eclipse VIATRA [2]. I would be very happy to provide you with further details if you are interested or you can just write to the Forums [3].


Best regards,
Ábel Hegedüs

IncQuery Labs Ltd.

On 2018. 07. 02. 13:04:42, Max Mustermann <goood.guy@xxxxxx> wrote:

Hi all,

I am interested in EMF Query and I wonder what is the status of this
project. Its project website says that it has been merged into EMF
Services. The EMF Services website says that it is deprecated without
any further information about its (recommended) replacement. My
questions are:

Is EMF Query project still active/maintained?

What is the (recommended) replacement of EMF Query?


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