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[emf-dev] [EMF Forms] Loading Model problem

The problem: I created my user interface successfully, using the default viewers, i created my objects, edited them and persisted them using XMI, everything ok, the problem begins when i load the saved model, it is rendered ok, i can see everything, but when i try to add new elements or try to edit the existent, i get a null pointer exception, it is like the view doesn't know how to edit or create new objects.
My load and save XMI code is based on Vogellas tutorial, maybe the problem is in the way i assign the loaded objects to the rendered object?
The code i'm using is:
C c = null;
c = (C) resource.getContents().get(0);
and then i render c using the SWT renderer.

The difference to a non saved object is that i use the factory.create method

Any suggestions?

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