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[emf-dev] Publishing to Maven Central

Hi EMF :)

In I'm working on publishing all
artifacts of the Eclipse Project to Maven Central.

Initially, I naively thought, that this would comprise *everything*
in the release repo of the Eclipse Project.

Only later it dawned on me that artifacts from other projects
are involved, too, notably: EMF :)

Since we can only publish stuff where all dependencies already
exist on Maven Central, and given that we are targeting to publish
Neon.2 for which naturally no EMF artifacts are yet available
on Maven Central here my questions:

  Does EMF routinely publish all artifacts to Central?

  When may we expect Neon.2 artifacts to be available?

  Is org.eclipse.emf the correct groupId for referring to EMF artifacts?

Strangely, I see the latest EMF artifacts only in groupId org.eclipse.birt.runtime ?!?


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