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Re: [emf-dev] [CDO Releng tools] Dynamic working Set


Comments below.

On 28/12/2013 1:56 PM, Jeremie Bresson wrote:

Hi everybody,


I have started a wiki page for “Dynamic working Set”:


Feel free to review and improve the page.



I have two additional questions (standalone usage of dynamic working sets):


1] import/export?


I was expecting to find some “import” and “export” buttons in the preferences page.

Since Dynamic Working Sets are based on EMF, it should be easy to convert them to XML.


Otherwise, how do you share (without the setup tool) the dynamic working sets you have defined?

They are imported/exported along with all the other instance scoped preferences, so I suppose a poor-man's solution would be to edit the exported preference file to exclude all but the working set preference.  The setup tool could be used just to manage preferences, though it would need a bit of tweaking for that.  I'm also working on a tool to manage project-specific preferences; it should be ready next week.  In general I want it to be usable to manage all preferences and to be able to use the setup tool to manage those preferences so one can have consistent personal preferences across all your installed IDEs (and consistent project-specific preferences for all the projects you maintain)...



2] rebuild or reset?


Consider following situations:

* delete a working set corresponding to a dynamic working set (Package explorer > Triangle menu > Configure working sets…)

* create a new project that should be in a working sets. In the project creation dialog select “Add project to working sets” and select one of the dynamic working sets.


The result I got are OK, but it is easy to produce a case that is in contradiction with what is defined by the Dynamic working sets model.

Yes, you can modify the working sets as you see fit once it exists...

This is why I was expecting a “force reset” function. This would recreate the dynamic working sets (or maybe all working sets) according to what is defined in the model.

Yes, we should have an apply button in the preference page.


The current workaround I use is to rename one of the working set. Save. Rename back to the original name. Save.

Open a bugzilla about the apply button and I'll add it.



Thanks in advance for your answers,

Jérémie Bresson

BSI Business Systems Integration AG
Täfernstrasse 16a, CH-5405 Baden
T +41 43 501 65 06

PS: A blog post is in preparation. After it is published, I will reuse some of the content to populate the “user manual” section of the wiki page.

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