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[emf-dev] Switching EMF to use Gerrit


I'm considering/planning to ask EMF's git repo to be switched to using Gerrit.  I was working with Eike yesterday and today on CDO's conversion which is now complete; see details below.  It seems like quite a good thing and makes it easier for non-committers to make easy-to-consume contributions.  Does anyone have concerns about the proposed switch? Barring any major concerns, I'll likely ask for the switch to take place on Monday.


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: [CDO] Gerrit has been set up for us
Date: Fri, 05 Jul 2013 11:01:58 +0200
From: Eike Stepper <stepper@xxxxxxxxxx>
To: Eike Stepper <stepper@xxxxxxxxxx>, Martin Flügge <martin.fluegge@xxxxxx>, Martin Taal <mtaal@xxxxxxxxx>, Stefan Winkler <stefan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Victor Roldán Betancort <vroldan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, "Christian W. Damus" <give.a.damus@xxxxxxxxx>, Alex Lagarde <alex.lagarde@xxxxxxx>, Esteban Dugueperoux <esteban.dugueperoux@xxxxxxx>, Steve Monnier <steve.monnier@xxxxxxx>

Hi Team,

I'm happy to welcome our new committers Alex, Steve and Esteban from Obeo ;-)

Yesterday Ed Merks and I wanted to play with Gerrit to see if, how and when we can start to deploy it for our projects. We're there now:

Unfortunately we misinterpreted the choice "Keep ability to bypass reviews and allow direct commits to Git". We thought that you would be able to use the existing Git URLs but that was wrong! We do have the opportunity to bypass Gerrit *reviews* but not Gerrit itself. That means you all *have* to use the new Gerrit URL for CDO's main repo:

    git clone ssh://estepper@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:29418/cdo/cdo

You can also just change the push URL of an existing clone. Whether you want to ask for a review or not is determined by the "Push Ref Spec". If you don't change it from the default you'll push directly to Git (through Gerrit, but without a review). If you want to ask for a review you must change the push ref spec to "HEAD:refs/for/master", which means that whatever you push to it is supposed to be merged into the master branch finally. To make it easier for me I created two remotes in my clone:

Because we want to create reviews by default, I changed the push ref spec of the "origin" remote to "HEAD:refs/for/master" and left the one of the "direct" remote with the default value. I suggest that we try to use the review cycles from now on. Please send me an email/skype message when you want to push directly to Git and maybe after a while we can compile a set of rules that tell when it's allowed or not.

Please note that for maintenance fixes you need:
1) a separate Eclipse workspace (because of the different target platform anyway)
2) a separate Gerrit clone (because of the different Gerrit push ref spec, which would be "HEAD:refs/for/streams/4.2-maintenance")

    *Do all of you know how to work with Gerrit?*

Recommended reading:

The Mylyn/Gerrit integration is currently broken, see . Feel free to vote for it ;-)

Happy contributing / reviewing!



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