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Re: [emf-dev] EMF Compare 2.0 missing DiffService and MatchService?

Hi Simon,

Please use the EMF forum (, prefixing your thread names with [EMF Compare] for questions about the project.

The MatchService and DiffService classes have disappeared in favor of the general purpose "EMFCompare" class. Comparison through API that was previously done through code such as :

Match match = MatchService.doMatch(leftResource, rightResource);
Diff diff = DiffService.doDiff(match);

is now done through :

IComparisonScope scope = EMFCompare.createDefaultScope(leftResource, rightResource);
Comparison comparison = EMFCompare.builder().build().compare(scope);

Options that are to be used for the comparison are now options of the EMFCompare builder. For example if you wish to compare without considering IDs :

IMatchEngine matchEngine = DefaultMatchEngine.create(UseIdentifiers.NEVER);
Comparison comparison = EMFCompare.builder().setMatchEngine(matchEngine).build().compare(scope);

Laurent Goubet

On 29/11/2012 17:34, Simon Goodall wrote:

I'm looking at trying EMF Compare 2.0 rather than my current 1.2 version. I've removed my references to the existing EMF SDK feature and added the EMF Core and IDE UI features from the 2.0 p2 repository. However there no longer appears to be a MatchService and DiffService which I was previously using to programmatically compare two EMF models. There also appears to be no source bundles.

Is there a new way to perform this kind of comparison - the website still shows examples using MatchService? Or are there some other bundles I need to include from somewhere?



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