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Re: [emf-dev] [mylyn-context-dev] MFT - Article "Focusing on Models" in Java Tech Journal


An excellent in-depth article! Like you say, hopefully this will give users the push needed to try it. I especially liked the inclusion of the bit about creating custom GMF editors. Of course, it will be even nicer when we support code generation for that!

I really like the idea of what UML labels is doing. In general, a lot of people are working on text/diagram integrations and as you point out the model will support that well. It just occurred to me that we're going to want XCore support next!



On 2012-06-22, at 7:30 AM, Manuel Bork wrote:


I've been busy doing some project marketing (with friendly support by Carsten) and am pleased to point you to the current edition of the Java Tech Journal (

The article "Focusing on Models" gives an overview of the MFT project and describes UML Lab's MFT integration. It also shows how to 'mylynize' GMF-based editors. The example builds on the GMF Taipan Example.

Sources are available for download

Maybe we'll find some more MFT users out there :)

Have a nice weekend,

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