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Re: [emf-dev] [EMF-Compare] problems with EMF-Compare



Thanks for the update. I understand you conclude that the work on UML and Papyrus will not be integrated in Juno release of Papyrus. Is it what you said?



Best… Sébastien.



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as stated in bug #370710 you'll find the diagram and papyrus integration in the 1.3 stream which targets indigo . CI build is available here [1] and the corresponding update site here [2]. You'll need to install the features :

Once you installed them you should be able to use the feature just like in the following video [3]

The 1.3 stream  should be released pretty soon, we're still working with peoples from R4E to make sure everything works correctly for them. The 1.3 stream can't be compatible with Juno because of API changes made in UML and Papyrus.

As for Juno EMF Compare 2.0 will be released , Juno M5 was still aggregating 1.3 because 2.0 was not live yet, it now is with CI builds here [4]. That said the 2.0 stream is seeing a lot of restructuring and I don't expect the diagram, uml and papyrus integration to be consumable before the feature freeze.




Le 14/03/2012 17:33, LORENZO Vincent a écrit :


  I installed the Juno M5 release for EMF-Compare on Eclipse 3.8 and Eclipse Juno Modeling M5 and I have the following problem :

When I compare 2 UML files, the upper viewer (Structure Merge Viewer) is alway empty. I don’t have this problem comparing ecore file.


Concerning diagram comparison, do you have released this feature ? I only get a text compare for ecorediag and papyrus notation file.


I installed the following elements :

    EMF Compare              1.3.0.v20120131-1039

    EMF Compare MPatch support            1.3.0.v20120131-1039

    EMF Compare SDK     1.3.0.v20120131-1039

    EMF Compare UML2 Integration         1.3.0.v20120131-1039


Best regards,


Vincent Lorenzo


CEA Saclay Nano-INNOV



Point Courrier n° 174

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