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[emf-dev] Still around ;-)


It was a pleasure being an EMF committer. Although it was a fantastic experience to help it grow from a tiny project to everything it is today, the most rewarding aspect has been the opportunity to meet and interact with bright, passionate people like yourselves. Thankfully, that interaction doesn't have to stop :-)

Indeed I was not contributing code to Eclipse and EMF on my last 2+ years at IBM (see Fortunately, despite all the todos I had on my job, I was able to remain a little involved by presenting EMF in a few occasions and also by helping the people that contacted me directly. Don't read too much into my words, though. For the good of the project, it does make sense to cut the fat out of the committer list ;-) On a minor digression, the good news is that now at Oracle I am back to Eclipse development (on the JEE space), using EMF, WTP, and other Eclipse-based technologies everyday. Yay!

It was comforting to read that the doors are open in case I get directly involved again. Moreover, thank you for all the compliments on this list and on emails I received since Monday. The words I read had a great impact and just reminded me how many people one can help by striving to deliver the best code and solution possible. All the long hours, sleep depravation, endless debates to find the most appropriate design, and personal commitment have certainly paid off.

Anyhow, I am still here. As some of you did, feel free to contact me if you need help or would like to pick my brain on something. I promise I will try my best to help ;-) FInally, I should mention that I am counting the days to chat over <insert your favourite beverage here> with the ones that are going to Washington in March.


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