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[emf-dev] EMF Compare Integration build Logical Model, UML, Papyrus, EcoreTools and GMF Integration


We just promoted an EMF Compare 1.3 build providing all the latests developments regarding EMF Compare, in a nutshell:

- Logical Model support for team operations (more especially with the eGit team provider) - UML semantic comparison with dedicated management of profiles, stereotypes, and dependencies across changes
- GMF generic bridge for graphical comparison
- Papyrus specific bridge for UML diagrams comparison
- EcoreTools specific bridge for Ecore diagrams comparison

The build is here :

(subsequent updates will be pushed here too)

Depending on what you are trying to install you might need the orbit update site (google collection):

The Indigo one (papyrus, gmf and Ecoretools):

Please if you are interested in any of this change, go grab the build and have a try, we will welcome your feedback through the bugzilla.


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