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[emf-dev] Create GenModel problem: PUT failed with HTTP response code 403?


I came across a strange problem with HTTP code 403 while creating a genmodel from a ecore file. 

Below are the steps I followed. I have also attached the needed files so you might like to regenerate the environment.
  1. I created two simplest ecore projects: exSource and exTarget.
  2. I created the corresponding genmodels within these projects and generated all the codes.
  3. I exported exSource and exTarget as jar files and put them into Eclipse plugin folder. Then I restarted Eclipse to load them.
  4. In order to make a "mapping model" as the ecore2genmodel example suggests, I created another ecore project: pivot.
  5. I opened pivot.ecore and "Loaded Resources" exSourceModel and exTargetModel (according to their URLs) from "Regestered Packages". Then I filled it with structure like below.
image.png(attached: 1.png)
     6. Everything works fine until now. Then I tried to create a genmodel from this pivot.ecore like below. At the final step right after clicking "Finish" I received this error.
(attached: 2.png)

It's really strange for EMF to try PUTing. I mean even if it was trying to verify the URL mentioned in the ecore file, that URL ( is reachable and doesn't deserve a 403 code.

I'm wondering if anyone has come across this problem before. Thank you.

Best regards,
洪嘉瑞 / Jiarui (Jerry) Hong


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