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Re: [emf-dev] [EMF Compare] Papyrus Diagram Comparison

Hi Arthur,

Currently, we did not yet worked on the EMFCompare/MDT Papyrus
integration. But some works has been done on GMF Notation models
comparison (1) and generic graphical decoration of GMF diagrams (2)
currently tested on the Ecore tools editor.  Those works are developed
on GitHub and will be contributed to EMFCompare as soon as they will be


Also, I will publish more screenshots of graphical decoration of Ecore
models on the dedicated wiki page (
very soon. Stay tuned.

Best regards,

DAUSSY Arthur a écrit :
> Hello,
>  I’m currently working on EMF Compare to integrate the SysML language.
> The next step for me is to work a bit more on integration of EMF
> Compare in MDT Papyrus integration. I have seen that some work has
> been done for comparing GMF Diagram and some progress has been already
> made on Papyrus Integration. So I would like to know how far the
> projects have progressed. What is actually available?  And finally on
> which part an effort could be made to develop the project.
> Thanks for your time,
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