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Re: [emf-dev] EMF Query2 release

Hi Anthony,

How should we do this assessment ? 
Will you give EMF Query2 a try ? Will you have sometime before indigo release for this ?

Ashwani Kr Sharma

On Mon, Jun 6, 2011 at 10:21 PM, Wayne Beaton <emo@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
The assessment that Anthony is referring to is not an EDP concept. I
believe that means an assessment of the impact of the change on the
community. This is something that is best done by the project itself. I
am willing to assist, but the project is the ultimate authority on its
community and the impact of change.

Some thoughts...

Strictly speaking, "EMF Query 2" is not currently a separate entity from
the EDP point of view. Strictly speaking, code from "EMF Query 2" should
be released using the same version numbering scheme and on single
project-wide schedule. The fact that different build systems are used,
and that different groups of developers--managed via social
convention--is interesting, but not relevant.

Allowing EMF Query 2 to make a separate release using a different
version number while still part of the EMF Query project requires an
exception to the process.

Before I can grant that exception, or permit the creation of a separate
project as part of a restructuring review, I need to better understand
the going forward plan.


On 06/06/2011 11:47 AM, Ashwani Sharma wrote:
> >> Is there a continuity story between the frameworks?
> The new framework is not at all compatible with previous. It will
> require users to re-write their queries.
> If everyone agrees, i can plan for assessment or review. I will need
> details on how to do it, since this is first time for me :)

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