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[emf-dev] [EMF Compare] How to connect emf compare controls with "Properties" view ?

Excuse me, I just wanna know how to show the model's properties in "Properties" view, which is provided by eclipse workbench, when I select an item in the tree view.
For example, at first, by using   CompareUI.openCompareEditor(new ModelCompareEditorInput(...)), we will create a new editor in the workbench, in which the comparison results are shown. Then, when I select an element in the tree, I wanna show its properties in "Properties" view.
There is already an adapter factory to produce IPropertyDescriptors for  the model been selected, all I wanna do is to inform the workbench page that I have selected an element, something like  getSite().setSelectionProvider(the comparing tree). I just do not know where to add this clause, or is there any better solution for this problem?

Best regards!

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