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Re: [emf-dev] EMF interface refs in generated code


Please use the newsgroup for asking questions.

GenModel properties like Suppress EMF Types set to true and Root Extends Interface set to blank will hide EMF from the public APIs, though of course they'll still be lurking behind the implementations.

Scott Lewis wrote:
Hi Folks,

My apologies in advance if this is in the faq...I'm asking this on behalf of another party and can't track all discussions/history on EMF.

What my colleague wants to do is to have EMF generate *interface* classes that do not reference or extend EMF. They are doing this now, for the most part (e.g. wrt EObject, etc), but they have some enumerator types (i.e. extends org.eclipse.emf.common.util.Enumerator). Is there an easy way to prevent this reference from being generated?



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