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[emf-dev] [Announce] CDO Model Repository Webinar - Apr. 29

Webinar: CDO Model Repository
April 29, 2010 at 7:00 am PDT / 10:00 am EDT / 2:00 pm GMT / 4:00 pm CEST
Presented by Eike Stepper & Ed Merks
To register email webinar-cdo at eclipse dot org

The Connected Data Objects (CDO) model repository and distributed shared model for EMF delivers solutions to challenges such as models that do not fit into memory anymore, applications that need to be available for multiple users at the same time and object grained locking and transactions that will span multiple resources.

CDO allows you to develop your application against standard EMF APIs and decide later if you want to persist your models in any SQL database, possibly through Hibernate, in an object oriented database, in memory or whatever you can imagine. Without any changes to your application your models become really scalable on both client side and server side. Let your users experience the collaboration on a real distributed shared model. Join the webinar and learn about the CDO Model Repository and its new 3.0 features!

For more information on this and other Eclipse webinars visit  Special thanks to Adobe for contributing their Adobe Acrobat Connect product to host the webinar.
Lynn Gayowski
Marketing Events Manager
Eclipse Foundation, Inc.
P +1 613 224 9461 ext. 234
F +1 613 224 5172

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