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Re: [emf-dev] Re: [emft-dev] Should there be an EMFT Aggregate Update Site? (was Re: Texo build on modeling download pages)

On 03/28/2010 12:42 PM, Martin Taal wrote:
Hi All,
Only Dennis replied (in favor of a general update site). Based on the limited reaction, I guess that there is no volunteer to maintain/create the aggregrate update site. Correct me if I am wrong ofcourse.

Therefore, my proposal for now is at least to get rid of the current links to the 'old' update sites on the modeling web pages. These update sites are not updated anymore so can only confuse people (afaics).

Then when someone volunteers to create and manage the aggregate update site, the update site links can be added back.

I asked Nick if there is a way to let the download links (shown below the description of each project), point to project specific pages. So then each project can decide themselves if they want to point to the current download page or have their own.

Any objections/remarks/comments?

I would like to see a more detailed requirement spec. that lists the sites involved and describes how the aggregation is constituted. At what times will the aggregation take place for instance? Is everything aggregated (nightlys, integrations, milestones) or do they live in different aggregates? What "mirrorsURL" should be used in the build? Something that points to an aggregation or to an explicit build output? What are the preferred names of the updates sites and aggregations?

I think Cloudsmith can help setting things up once such a spec exists. Right now however, I'm afraid we'll address just a portion of the problem if we make an attempt.

Thomas Hallgren

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