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[emf-dev] EMF 2.6M6 distros



I noticed a big change in the EMF distros that have been produced for M6 as compared to M5. In particular, the p2 repo zip is missing and the all-in-one SDK is half the size of what it was for M5 (13MB vs 28MB). I understand that there is some work going on to switch to a new build system for EMF, so I hope the absence of the p2 repo zip is temporary and it will come back in a future milestone. It is key in enabling easy consumption of EMF by projects and projects building on top of it.


In the meantime, if someone could confirm that M6 all-in-one zip is ok despite the much smaller size, I can work around this for now by changing our build system to generate a p2 repo for EMF from the all-in-one sdk zip.


- Konstantin

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