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Re: [modeling-pmc] Re: [emf-dev] Builds: The never ending nightmare

Hi Stephane,
Yes I actually started a wiki page for this purpose but it is not ready yet. When I am finished with it I will post the link to the mailing lists.

gr. Martin

Stéphane Bouchet wrote:
Hi Martin,

Maybe you could share your build experience on a wiki pages for others builds team ?

Martin Taal a écrit :
Hi All,
Teneo is doing builds using Buckminster and it works nicely for me. It required some setup but I have now good control over the build process. And the number of configuration files is pretty modest. Also a multi-step build procedure (build core plugins, create test environment, run tests) was quite doable. I liked it that buckminster helps to auto-retrieve dependencies, build the target platform and setup the build workspace.
The buckminster people have been quite responsive on the newsgroup also.

I don't know the specifics of other builds but I think that both CDO and Teneo offer good example setups if you want to use buckminster to do the build.

gr. Martin

Ed Merks wrote:

As I mentioned yesterday, CDO has been converted to use Buckminster with Cloudsmith's help and Teneo is also in the process of doing that. The Cloudsmith folks are offering to help convert a bunch of the projects over, starting with the projects in EMF itself, e.g., the core. I'd like to see how that progresses. Once all the subprojects of EMF are successful, we can look at replicating that success. The advantage of this approach, as I see it, is that we'll have a dedicated professional build organization to help us with our common problems going forward. And in the longer term, we'll be able to easily migrate to b3 as that involves; a model-based build system!

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