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Re: [emf-dev] [emf-ecore] how to model an exception in emf-ecore?


Please use the EMF newsgroup or forum for asking questions: news://

Implements of EObject should/must extend a subclass of BasicEObjectImpl so you can't implement and Exception that's also an EObject. You'll need to write such an exception class by hand and wrap it as an EDataType to use it elsewhere in the model.

NGUYEN Cong Kinh wrote:
Hello everybody,

Maybe I'm so stupid. In fact, I don't know in which I can post my question. So I post it here.

My question is the following:
- I have a class in Java
class MyException extends Exception {...}

- I want to model my class in emf-ecore. Is that possible? If possible, how to do it?

Thank in advance,
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