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Re: [emf-dev] Modify adding the new child/sibling node in EMF


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Thanh Tam Du Le wrote:


I'm using EMF to create my own tree editor. In my editor, everything is okay except the adding new child/ sibling node feature. I found that the nodes, which have the same type, are grouped automatically.

I'm assuming that this is the case because they belong to separate features.

This is not my desire. Actually, I want:

  • When adding a new child node, the new node will be added at the end of the children list of the selected node
Your model itself will need to support that.

  • When adding a new sibling node, the new node will be added right after the selected node.

I have searched the net, but I couldn't find a solution. Could you please help me?

If you want different features to have interspersed values you'll need to make use of feature maps.

(Hard to explain with my English, hope you understand!)


Thanks for your help,

Tam Du


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