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Re: [emf-dev] Ported EMF to the Android platform


Sorry for taking too long to reply.  It's hard to keep up these days and somehow your note ended up being marked as read before I replied...

More comments below...

Hui Song wrote:
Dear EMF developers,

As a part of a small project, I managed to port the EMF code into the
Android platform.
I wonder what's involved in that?  I know folks have tried porting for GWT...
As you may know, Android is a mobile operation system, which employs a
Java-compliant language and virtue machine named Dalvik. After some
modifications to the source code, the core EMF packages (including
emf.common, emf.ecore, emf.ecore.xmi) can now be compiled by Dalvik,
and work well on an Android mobile phone.
Very cool. :-)
To show the uages of EMF on Android, I tried to wrap the main
management capabilities of Android system as an Ecore model, so that
we can write ocl rules to query the runtime information from an
Android mobile phone, like "listing all the running activites",
"counting all the clients", "listing the current wifi channels", as
shown in the attached snapshots.

If you have any interest, I will be very glad to contribute this work
in any ways (e.g. as a branch, a sandbox, a emft project, and any
other ways).
This sounds cool.  I wonder if anyone has ideas about how best to keep two streams in sync.
If not, please forgive me for bothering.
It's certainly not a bother.  I'd like to learn more about what kinds of changes were necessary.   I suppose in an ideal world, one could specify the changes as a transformation so that one could automatically produce an Android compatible version from the common base...

Let's start by opening a bugzilla and attaching the stuff you want to share under Eclipse Public License.  I'd definitely be interested in creating an EMFT project for this!
Nov. 30

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