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Re: [emf-dev] Adding 2 junit-Test-Bundles to Testsuite

Hi Tom,

I don't know what is involved in adding new plug-ins to the test suite. I think Nick is the best one to help you out, unless he has already documented it on the wiki somewhere.

If I had to figure it out myself, I'd search within the releng plug-in for the name of another test plug-in (say, "org.eclipse.emf.test.xml") and try adding whatever I find for my new one.

I hope this isn't too annoying a question, the databinding tests really need to be split into two bundles? You'll notice that there are currently a lot fewer test bundles than bundles being tested. Partly that's because we don't test everything (bad us!), but we've also tried to limit the number. If nothing else, it's a separate manual step to run each test bundle locally (as far as I know, anyway), so it's nicer to only have to do one more instead of two. If there is a good reason to have them separate (like, if having a bundle require org.eclipse.emf.databinding.edit somehow changes the behaviour of org.eclipse.emf.databinding), then by all means. But if not, would it be too much to ask to suggest collapsing the contents of org.eclipse.emf.test.databinding.edit into org.eclipse.emf.test.databinding?


Dave Steinberg
Rational Software - IBM Toronto Lab

Inactive hide details for Tom Schindl ---11/25/2009 04:22:24 AM---Hi, There are 2 test-Bundles (org.eclipse.emf.test.databindinTom Schindl ---11/25/2009 04:22:24 AM---Hi, There are 2 test-Bundles (org.eclipse.emf.test.databinding,


Tom Schindl <tom.schindl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>




11/25/2009 04:22 AM


[emf-dev] Adding 2 junit-Test-Bundles to Testsuite

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There are 2 test-Bundles (org.eclipse.emf.test.databinding,
org.eclipse.emf.test.databinding.edit) part of EMF-CVS. At the time I
added them Nick was on holiday and we decided not to add them to the
build until he's back but forgot about it afterwards.

I plan to write some JUnit-test in future to ensure the quality of our
databinding implementations (and only add new features when they are
accompanied by JUnit-Tests). That's why it would be nice if we could add
them to the build.

Dave and/or Nick can you guide me on adding them to our build?



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