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[emf-dev] XMLTypeFactoryImpl fails to resolve QNames properly while "undoing change"

Hi All,

problem description : I am using EMF 2.4.x.v200902171115 - build to
develop a tool and I see that QNames are not getting resolved properly
when I undo my change !

detail steps :

1. Lets assume : we have an EList mySpaces which hold a list of QNames
-- persisted as
<mydomain:myModel .. xmlns:xyz = "http://www/";
   <mydomain:mySpace horizon="xyz:myQName" /> ...

2. somewhere in system a RecordingCommand fires to clear the list of qnames-

3. while removing the qname, emf prepares a List of changes and includes
removed qname value in that list as follows ...

-- ListChangeImpl#DataValueDelegatingList#
  -- new DelegatingEList() {
    -- validate(index, object)
        -- ECoreUtil.convertToString(type, object)
         -- XMLTypeFactoryImpl#convertQNameToString(type, instanceVal)
           *** now here instanceVal is a QName
               with targetNS =http://www/
           *** returns "xyz:myQName"

** here its important to note that emf does not append targetNS in the
converted string !!

4. Next, I undo my change from UI .. so emf tries to retrieve the saved
changes and convert them back into relevant objects ..

-- ListChangeImpl#DataValueDelegatingList#
  -- new DelegatingEList() {
    -- resolve(index, object)
        -- ECoreUtil.createFromString(type, (String)object)
          -- XMLTypeFactoryImpl#createQNameFromString(type, val)
            *** val is "xyz:myQName"
5.    Now createQName("xyz:myQName")--
              (i) simply checks if val startsWith "{" then it can resolve
name space - which actually will never happen as
convertQNameToString() never appends targetNS to the
              (ii)  in the else part - createQName(val) does nothing !

****     actually, it should extract the prefix and query the
xmlnsPrefixMap to find the namespace and - then create a QName with the
resolved namespace and literal.

6.    -- So finally, user gets a qname without targetNS which breaks the
functionality of the system.


Please let me know the solution for this issue and correct me if I failed
to understand the QName resolution logic.

Is there any way I can extend / register XMLTypeFactory to override
createQName() ? or can I register my own Data Converter ?


P.S. - I have to use only emf 2.4.x.v200902171115

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