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Re: [emf-dev] Some informations


Please use newsgroups to ask question, not the developer mailing list.

More comments below.

luca paganotti wrote:
Hi all,

I'm relatively new to modeling but absolutely to EMF/T  and I've some questions about the possibilities that the framework gives and also i would like to understand if it's suitable to my purposes.

I would like to design a model about environmental noise and i've a first version in eclipse as ecore and genmodel files, i've derived it from annotating my java interfaces. I generated all i could (.edit, .editor, .tests projects).

As to this model i would like to generate schema file/s from it to be able to de/serialize instance documents fitting to this model. I've done it and I have an xsd file for each one of the packages that the code is splitted in (there are also some cross references between packages that i would like to be resolved ...), is there the possibility to generate a single xsd file that imports/includes the needed xsd files that i already have as i was not able to do this (probably i'm missing something trivial about xsd generation ...)
Did you use Export Model... from the GenModel?  That mechanism will help produce schemas that properly import each other (while the generate schema stuff within the Generator is old and produces crappy stuff).

Also I would like to generate javadocs about the model that reference diagrams images, i was previously using netbeans that did this automatically when i generate documentation for my project, unfortunately netbeans seems to have much more problems on uml itself so i switched to eclipse ...
There is generated Javadoc, but you need to create diagrams yourself and then include screen captures of those, as I've done for the Ecore Javadoc.

I would like also to be able to change the model expressed in one its three different forms (UML, XML, Java) and let then the framework to change the other two accordingly.
The Export Model... supports that.

So I want to ask you to direct me to the right source of information, let's say a good starting point and some kind of learning path.
Please ask follow up questions using the newsgroup:

Thanks in advance for any answer.

Best regards

-- Dott. Ing. Luca Paganotti
-- Via dei Giardini 9
-- 21035 Cunardo (VA)
-- 393 1346898
-- sourceforge email:
-- lucapaganotti@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

P.S. Please forgive my bad english

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