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[emf-dev] [modeling-dev] Re: Athena build vs Modeling build

Memory is limited on modeling.eclipse. You're better off on build.eclipse.

Or, try setting compilerArgs in your build.props for the test feature
or plugin.

You can certainly schedule both N and I builds in Hudson. To publish
them, check the eclipse wiki for athena common builder publishing.
Full working example provided (for VE project).

Merged update sites are no longer supported (two reasons: p2 now
supports its own notion of site aggregation, and the old way was very
error prone), unless someone wants to do a Galileo-like build for
Modeling. See the Modeling Amalgam project, which I believe provides

Hope that helps!


On 7/31/09, Sebastian Zarnekow <Sebastian.Zarnekow@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Nick,
> we successfully migrated the build infrastructure of tmf.xtext,
> m2t.xpand und emft.mwe from the emft-server to the modeling-build-
> server and left our footprints on the Hudson build infrastructure.
> Especially suprising for us was the fact, that we could compile the
> Xtext test without any problems on the Athena infrastructure. This
> compile step fails on the other servers (emft, modeling) without any
> error message, stacktrace or other hint about what is wrong with it.
> The tests can be compiled fine in the workspace so we are pretty sure
> that there is no syntactical or semantic problem with them.
> The only idea that we currently have is memory consumption. We guess
> the compiler fails on the modeling server with an OOM.
> Is there a way to increase the heap size of the compiler?
> Furthermore, I've some questions regarding the Athena build:
> Is there a way to schedule regular integration builds and promote them
> automatically? We are creating only nightlies at the moment and would
> like to have an I-build every sunday.
> Does promoting work at all? We tried it on a testserver and it failed
> with insufficient access rights. Will update sites be merged when
> subprojects (e.g. emft.mwe) promote a build?
> I appreciate your help.
> Regards,
> Sebastian
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