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Re: [emf-dev] Setting a Dynamic Objects List


Please use the newsgroup for asking questions.

Graham Jenson wrote:
I have a problem where I want to set my own custom list to a feature in a dynamic EObject instead of using the default DynamicList.
That sounds like a bad idea.

I have come up with a hack to do this. If you just use eSet is doesn't change the list just addALL the elements to it (very weird?).
No, because it's very important that the list behave in a certain way, and that behavior is very hard to implement.

//The Hack
//This will work unless the dynamic object has a static EClass with features
DynamicEObjectImpl eobject= (DynamicEObjectImpl)super.create(EClass);
        //This is needed to initialize the settings inside the DynamicObject, otherwise you get a null pointer exception later
        eobject.eSet(featureID, new BasicEList<EObject>());
        //Here is actually sets the List to my CustomEList
        eobject.dynamicSet(featureID, new CustomEList<EObject>())

I am just wondering if there is a better way of doing this.
It would be good to understand your goal.  Likely an adapter would be better.
I delved quite deep into the EMF Core, but found no obvious solution.
This type of approach might help:
This is not a problem I want to get bogged down on, and also one I do not want to leave behind, as it is in the core of my project.
Perhaps taking a step back and explaining root of the problem would be better.  Please use the newsgroup for follow-up questions/background.

Thank you for any help or suggestions

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