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Re: [emf-dev] is going down permanently On August 5 :: ACTION REQUIRED

There's a /home/bkolb on, so I assume you have access. If not, I can reset your password.

As to Q/V/T, I've done nothing yet, so if you're free to compare the two servers and decide what (if anything) needs to be copied over.

I expect the only thing you'll need to do is to create a new entry for the new server in www/emf/*/build/_common.php so that the server knows where to find Java and what version(s) of Q, T, and V it's allowed to build. Same story for OCL. Then check out those files into /var/www/html/modeling/emf/... and you should have a working build page for each project.

You should have commit rights - I believe the elections are over. If not, let me know.

Kolb, Bernd wrote:
Hi Nick,

what is the status for EMF Q/V/T? Have you already moved them? At the moment you are still the only one with commit rights there?

Let me know if I can help



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Subject: [emf-dev] is going down permanently On August 5 :: ACTION REQUIRED

Originally scheduled for Wed Jul 15, this shutdown has been delayed until Aug 5. EMF and EMFT projects who build on, you must take action now.

For details, see:

Note that in order to build and run UI tests on (which is 64-bit SLES 11 rather than 32-bit Fedora Core 5), you need to make sure you're using a 64-bit Eclipse SDK and 64-bit Java in your build scripts and when selecting Eclipse on the build page / crontab script. Simple, right?

I will assist migrating people's data and home dirs from emft.eclipse to modeling.eclipse. Many of you have already been copied over but have not yet moved into your new home on the If you can't yet log in to, ping me on IRC or Skype (or any other method listed at and I'll hook you up.

Please make time this month for this rather urgent bit of administrivia.

For the steps required to do to migrate, see:


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