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Re: AW: [emf-dev] Re: [modeling-pmc] Query, Transaction, and Validation Reboot


Christian gave up his status, so I think the data base has not been updated appropriately to reflect that.  This needs to be corrected so that election can be complete...


Kolb, Bernd wrote:
Thanks Nick

But as far as I have seen Christian is still listed as a committer. As the total number of current committers is less then 3 we need him as well to vote for us. Otherwise the vote will not finish successfully. So could you please ask him to vote for us as well?


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Betreff: [emf-dev] Re: [modeling-pmc] Query, Transaction,and Validation Reboot

As you've probably seen in emf-dev@, I've started elections for the 11 
combinations of committer::component listed below.

Sorry for the mailing list spam, but that's the way The Eclipse Dev 
Process goes. In a week, when all the (1) committers on emf.query, 
emf.transaction, and emf.validation have had time to vote (me, that is), 
the next step will start (paperwork and webmaster provisioning).

Silly thing is that since I started the elections and therefore default 
to voting +1, we still need to wait the requisite week for everyone else 
(the zero other committers) to have time to cast a vote. Ah, Process.


Anthony Hunter wrote:
Sounds great Bernd.

Anthony Hunter mailto:anthonyh@xxxxxxxxxx
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Ed,"Kolb, Bernd" ---07/07/2009 06:54:48 AM---Hi Ed,

"Kolb, Bernd" <bernd.kolb@xxxxxxx>

"PMC members mailing list" <modeling-pmc@xxxxxxxxxxx>, "Eclipse 
Modelling Framework" <emf-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>

07/07/2009 06:54 AM

RE: [modeling-pmc] Query, Transaction,and Validation Reboot


Hi Ed,

After talking to Lothar Wendehals, he told me that he will not be able 
to contribute to the Validation component. Given that, we’d like to add 
another committer to strengthen the component.

Here would be the final list including the component leads:

Bernd Kolb, SAP (Component Lead)
Anthony Hunter, IBM
Martin Strenge, SAP AG
Christian Mohr, SAP AG
Boris Gruschko, SAP AG

Bernd Kolb, SAP (Component Lead)
Anthony Hunter, IBM
Boris Gruschko, SAP AG

Boris Gruschko, SAP AG (Component Lead)
Anthony Hunter, IBM
Martin Strenge, SAP AG

Thanks in advance,


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Subject:* [LIKELY JUNK]RE: [LIKELY JUNK][modeling-pmc] Query, 
Transaction,and Validation Reboot

Hi Ed,

After talking to the other committers we came with proposed project leads:

EMF Validation: Boris Gruschko, SAP
EMF Query: Bernd Kolb, SAP
EMF Transaction: Bernd Kolb, SAP



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Subject:* [LIKELY JUNK][modeling-pmc] Query, Transaction, and Validation 

Now that Galileo is behind us and the Helios development cycle starting, 
it's important to reboot the Query, Transaction, and Validation 
components with new active committers. Combing through the note history 
on this subject, here's the list of people who have stepped forward:

          o Anthony Hunter _anthonyh@xxxxxx.com_
          o Bernd Kolb _bernd.kolb@sap.com_ <mailto:bernd.kolb@xxxxxxx>
          o Christian Mohr _c.mohr@sap.com_ <mailto:c.mohr@xxxxxxx>
          o Martin Strenge _martin.strenge@sap.com_


          o Anthony Hunter _anthonyh@xxxxxx.com_
          o Bernd Kolb _bernd.kolb@sap.com_ <mailto:bernd.kolb@xxxxxxx>
          o Boris Gruschko _boris.gruschko@sap.com_


          o Anthony Hunter _anthonyh@xxxxxx.com_
          o Boris Gruschko _boris.gruschko@sap.com_
          o Lothar Wendehals _lothar.wendehals@itemis.de_

If I've missed someone, you're no longer interested, or you've just 
taken an interest, please let me know immediately. I'd prefer that each 
new team designate a lead on their own. I'd be concerned if there isn't 
consensus from each team because to me that would indicate there will be 
long term problems.

I'd like to close on this topic by the end of next week and then go 
forward with the changes.

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