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Re: [emf-dev] Someone can help? about CDO Source Installation


Please ask technical questions in the EMF newsgroup.

Can you retry the installation based on the latest Galileo release candidates?
CDO 2.0 is not officially supported with a Ganymede Platform...



Guo, Hong schrieb:



I just tried to install CDO workspace but met a lot of building errors.

I am new, and could anyone help?


I did the following steps according to:

I also attached related files including the building error log file ‘buildlog.log’

Any help or suggestions are appreciated, and thanks advanceJ!


Best Regards,





l  download eclipse ‘eclipse-modeling-ganymede-SR1-incubation-win32’, unpackage, and copy it to ‘C:\develop\bin’

l  Start Eclipse IDE with C:\develop\bin\eclipse\eclipse.exe -data C:\develop\ws\cdo

l  Switch to the Plug-in Development perspective
Configure a JDK 1.5.0 of your choice on the Installed JREs preference page
Set the Compiler compliance level to 1.5 on the Java Compiler preference page


l  Download bootstrap team psf For anonymous users (pserver) under ‘C:\develop\ws\cdo\bootstrap.psf

l  Import the downloaded bootstrap Team PSF (ignoring potential warnings about "partial repository" bla bla)


l  Keep unchanged, and start the Setup Workspace Ant launch config (Run | External Tools | External Tools Configurations...)
Ant finished with the output

l  Set location of the target platform (C:\develop\ws\cdo\.metadata\.target), and Press the Reload button
Add Baseline of Name (CDO Baseline 1.0.0) and Location (C:\develop\ws\cdo\.metadata\.baseline):

l  Right-click the workspace file /develop.setup/psf/pserver/All.psf and select Import Project Set... and go fetch a coffee
set the Top Level Elements of the Package Explorer view to Working Sets (local pulldown menu)
Select Configure Working Sets... (local pulldown menu):


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