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[embed-cdt-dev] 6.3.0 pre-release (202207181114)

The 202207181114 pre-release of 6.3.0 is available for testing from:


For the changes, see the 6.3.0 milestone (including the closed issues):


The main changes are:

- support for recent QEMUs (Arm, AArch64 and RISC-V)
- a new project templates, which generates a more elaborate style of projects

I would be especially interested in feedback on the later.

The novelty is that the Eclipse plug-in uses an external project, that can also be invoked from a terminal:


Another novelty is the way dependencies are handled, aiming a greatly improved reproducibility. Dependencies to tools installed all over the system were changed into project local dependencies (via links to actual tools), thus allowing to easily lock each projects to their own specific dependencies.

The mechanism used is similar to that used by npm, but the logic is slightly different, and the tool to handle them is xpm, which needs to be present for the plug-in to instantiate the template.

Any feedback will be highly appreciated.


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