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[embed-cdt-dev] Query regarding LLVM tool chain with Openocd

Hi Al,
I am using the below tools combo for ARMV8 debugging with OpenOcd.
Cygwin , Eclipse , GNU MCU Eclipse plugin , GNU arm tool chain and it is working fine.
I need to add support for a new processor using the LLVM tool chain but in eclipse not able to find any plugin for LLVM tool chain. Please comment if you are aware if any LLVM tool chain plugin exists.  
in eclipse with open ocd , in GDB client setup if i am using aarch64-none-elf-gdb.exe then i am able to proceed. If I am using lldb.exe which is part of LLVM tool chain to debug then I am getting an error in launching  "Could not determine GDB version after sending lldb.exe --version"  .

Please comment how to resolve this issue.

Thanks in Advance. 

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