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Re: [embed-cdt-dev] Chıbıos error

ı dont know what is missing file

<Tommy.Murphy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> adresine sahip kullanıcı 7 Ara 2020 Pzt, 13:46 tarihinde şunu yazdı:
That seems to be a problem with your source base (missing file(s)) and not the plugins? You obviously need to make sure that all source files needed to compile your program are present.

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I am trying compile my code but it can't.İt error message show me.
/CHIBIOS/os/common/startup/ARMCMx/compilers/GCC/mk/ recipe for target 'debug/obj/main.o' failed
and it cant find lwipheader file.For exp:main.c:8:10: fatal error: lwipthread.h: No such file or directory.I couldn't fixed this errors .
Could you please help me?

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