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Re: [embed-cdt-dev] Rename bundles and packages - no compatibility for third parties

> On 4 Nov 2020, at 10:33, Alexander Fedorov <alexander.fedorov@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> org.eclipse.e4.workbench/workbench.xmi

This basically means that if we want to preserve compatibility with existing workspaces, we cannot change the UI IDs.

For example I tried to rename the view showing CMSIS Packs docs from




The result is an error message displayed in the view:

"Could not create the view: ilg.gnumcueclipse.managedbuild.packs.ui.views.DocsView."

Checking the workbench.xmi file shows a lot of references to the old ID.

If I reset the perspective, the view is shown correctly, but in the workbench.xmi file I continue to see references to both the old and the new ID, which means there might be other places confused by the ID change.


Now I have a version that seems functional, but I'd still revert all UI IDs to their original values, and continue testing.



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