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[embed-cdt-dev] Review request: Rename features to org.eclipse.embedcdt.*

I'm working on a major release, which will update the IDs to org.eclipse.embedcdt.

The first step was to rename the Eclipse features. To keep compatibility with existing installs, I used a p2 definition (update.matchExp) which should allow updates on both old and new installs.

Although users will not be affected, integrators will have to update the features IDs to refer to the new IDs.

If you are concerned about compatibility, please test the new plug-ins on your setup, and possibly review the Pull Request:


The associated issue is:


The p2 repo is available from


The functional commit is on the rename-features-folders branch, the 54f5833d commit.

I would appreciate an expedite review, since I need to merge the code and proceed to the next step, to rename the bundle IDs and the Java packages, which will take some time, and 2020-12 freeze date is close.

Thank you,


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