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Re: [embed-cdt-dev] Renaming features without breaking compatibility?

I can imagine such a spell from p2 dark magic arsenal, but I'm not sure if it does exist

I'm thinking about introducing the new feature between the existing feature and its bundles:


If we will install both old and new features in "root" mode, we will be able to remove the old features on the next step.

What kind of scenario do you have in mind as an "update path"? The scenario can be different for "users" and "integrators", it may require too much effort to support "integrators"


29.10.2020 20:34, Liviu Ionescu пишет:
Not long ago someone commented, probably in bugzilla or here, that it is possible to rename an Eclipse feature project without breaking compatibility.

Since in 2020-12 the project will be visible on the main download page, and I expect a somehow important number of downloads, perhaps it would be a good moment to rename the features to 'org.eclipse.embedcdt.*' before this release.

But this should be done only if there will be a smooth update path for those who use the current feature IDs.

Do you know of such a procedure to rename features?

Thank you,


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